While in the middle of a desert, actress Zenith Ander wrote a profound script about an all-too-possible frightening future…

“There were a few people there who said the men were told that if they felt dissatisfied with their lives and felt like they weren’t “heroes” that they could go with them.

Most went.”

While the current journey of the outer InVerse is bleak and seemingly hopeless, how they got there is a humbling path that most people in the modern world can totally relate to. It is our now. Their past is our current. The path is headed directly for the reality on the pages and it’s brutal. Slow-motion car crash vibes…

Zenith Ander and Don Cheadle in Marfa, Texas

“I was reading about Oppenheimer while living for months just miles from his detonation point in New Mexico. His self-realization of an angel of death seemingly frightened him into a self-empowerment that should be reserved for Gods exclusively. I was definitely propelled by his awakening writing InVerse. I was out there, fires on the horizon, relentlessly questioning my own nature, and musing pretty constantly about a reinvention of myself. Like many, my prior ideas about “self” were largely evaporated on the back of 2019–2021. Personally, I went through some profound pain and change. On the kayak in the butte with my now dear departed dog at the end of the writing days on my residency, I would float around out there in the vast, vast desert water wondering what am I truly capable of. There is a reason we don’t delve into this question often, and I think Oppenheimer at least partially answered it.”

Til next time.



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