Good morning internet! Down another of my YouTube rabbit holes I stumbled across ‘The Other Intern’, an episode from the series ‘Internment’ starring Helena Ruse, Pippa Mills with special guest Danielle Walker. It was principally funded by Screen Australia and Film Victoria and it SHOWS. The production value is superb, and the acting is very good. YouTube user Jimmy Fragrance is all smiles and praise for the show.

Jimmy Fragrance on youTube

He’s not exactly correct though. With 3.7k views on the episode ‘The Other Intern’, I would say that they have attracted a sizable fan base. ‘Leftovers’ is the hosting account for the…

You know me, I’m a huge YouTube rabbit-hole fan. I’m “that guy” clicking between videos for hours, allowing the ‘Tube’s algorithm to send me into places I’d never even considered to exist. And then one night back in August, down a deep well of endless comedic videos came ‘Eilidh’, a cool series about a Scottish girl and her passion to make it in Hollywood starring Zenith Ander as both Eilidh and her sassy sister. The pilot episode hooked me in — this crass, makeup-less, smoking and gruff Scottish woman being translated by an American Chloë Sevigny-type (also Ander) had me…

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